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At WATOM, we put all our know-how and experience, of over 40 years in the extrusion sector, at the service of our customers.

Our design office, our manufacturing workshop equipment and our network of local partners enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs.

Assistance in the development of new products

By working with our teams, you will benefit from assistance in your new product development process.

You will be able to shape your most ambitious ideas with the knowledge that you will be able to respond to any technical requirements.

  • Design / Functionality
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Plan implementation
  • Light diffusion
  • Fire & Smoke Classification
  • Technical quality
  • Color counter-typing
  • UV resistance
  • Impact resistance

We provide you with a complete design or we support you in the development of a formula from a base material in order to improve the mechanical or technical characteristics of a product.

Bureau d'études pour fabrication en extrusion plastique

Our surface treatments

  • Flaming system to improve the gloss of the tubes
  • CORONA treatment, an electrical system which improves allowing the interaction between product and inks
Extrusion plastique par calandrage

Our finishing service

We offer you key solutions with a complete finishing and assembly service :

  • Cut to lenght
  • Machining, custom cutting
  • End bonding
  • Installation of seals and felts
  • Installation of protective film
  • Sub contractor painting
Fabrication de tubes en plastique extrudé


Based in Meyzieu near Lyon, our machine pool is made up of 10 extrusion lines.

5 lines are dedicated to the extrusion of tube profiles and 5 others for the extrusion of sheets.

The workshop also has a tooling center for customization and cutting to length.

The tooling service enables product development to adjust to changes in-house.

This efficient production tool enables us to meet your manufacturing and development needs as quickly as possible.


Extrusion plastique par calandrage, fabrication française


Our supplier and partner network is mainly based within a radius of 100km around our production site.
Over the years, we have created partnerships that meet the requirements of our industry.

This close proximity considerably reduces the time required for actions and discussions that are needed if there are technical problems.
We also call on the European center for plastics and the CNEP for their experience and expertise.

Watom, spécialiste de la fabrication de profilés plastique extrudé
Extrusion de profilés plastique fabriqués en France


Watom is ISO 9001 certified.

Our quality approach is above all a state of mind that involves everyone in the company.

Mobilize, understand and hear customer needs.

Quality of products and services are the 2 essential values that differentiate us from our competitors.

Quality approach

As part of our quality approach, Watom has a policy of incorporating at least 10% recycled material into the formulas, without altering the mechanical and technical qualities of the product.
We work with external partners who take care of and manage all recyclable products to transform them into recycled or bi-products that cannot be reintegrated into production (for example the food industry) and offer them for resale.

These products are mainly used in the construction industry, road construction and absorbent coatings for play areas.

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