Our ranges of extruded products

Our aim :
to offer you extruded and co-extruded plastic products
that fully meet your requirements.

Watom specializes in the manufacture of extruded plastic products.
We transform high quality thermoplastics and with our production workshop equipped with 2 types of extrusion we offer a wide range of products in extrusion and co extrusion.

Watom extruded products

Watom products from extrusion of tubes and profiles are aimed at the lighting industry, building materials and protective plastics.


Specialist in lighting profiles

Bring your ideas to light !

WATOM diffusers meet the technical constraints in respect of the demands they undergo on a daily basis (erosion, temperature…) and are used in all lighting sectors:

  • Industrial lighting
  • Public lighting, parking lots, subway, airports
  • Commercial lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Rail transport, aeronautics, bus, subway
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lighting for explosive atmospheres
  • Architectural lighting
  • Illuminated signs
  • And more…


Building materials

Build a solid partnership

Our products will provide you with simple and effective solutions to meet your most innovative requirements.

  • Window profiles
  • Bathroom covering
  • Modular equipment
  • Elevator profiles
  • Joint profiles
  • Decorative false ceiling
  • Flooring
  • Wall covering
  • Joint cover profiles
  • Street furniture
Extrusion plastique pour matériaux de construction par Watom


Protective plastics

Protection, a challenge

Our know-how will guarantee you technical and reliable products.

  • Electrical installation
  • Electric box
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Detector systems
  • Radar
  • Domestic protection (swimming pool)
Fabrication de profilé plastique pour détecteur de présence

Sowat extruded products

Sowat calendering extrusion products are aimed at board sports, paramedical, conveyor belts and biodegradable products sectors.


Board sports

From sheet to slide !

Our products must be both technically and aesthetically adaptable to different forms and enhance their appearance.

  • Snow board
  • Alpine ski
  • Nordic ski
  • Skate board
  • Snow shoe
  • Kite surf


Paramedical et cosmetic

Ready-made solutions

Our products meet the different standards and requirements in these 2 areas.

  • Dosing pump seals
  • Peristaltic pump seals
  • Natural polycaprolactone sheet
  • Loaded polycaprolactone sheet


Industrial conveyor belts

Made to measure

Products designed to be adapted to your field of application.

  • Conveyor belts for the food industry
  • Screening tape
  • Transport of goods (quarries)
  • Selection belt
  • Slatted belt


Bio plastics

A commitment.

Our success, allows you to have access to alternative materials in response to specific criteria for your new projects.

  • Horticulture labels
  • Children’s games
  • Packaging


Security plastics

An evidence.

Our contract, bring you a suitable and functional solution.

  • Industrial safety crankcase
  • Protective visor
  • Customised protection screen
  • Desk separator

Our production workshop is made up of 10 extrusion lines :

  • 5 lines for extrusion of tubes and profiles
  • 5 line sfor sheets and strip calendering extrusions

We also have weight dosers for the integration of additives during production.

Our peripherals are mobile and allow us to have great flexibility in production planning.

This operation allows us to be more reactive and respond to requests for small and large series

And to intervene on major projects such as the development of Charles De Gaulles airport.

To develop your projects